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Reach the Heart of the Las Vegas Service Industry offers a unique opportunity for advertisers and sponsors to showcase their brand directly to the service industry professionals in Las Vegas. By advertising with us, you get your brand in front of bartenders, servers, and their regular patrons, who are often other service industry workers.
Why Choose
Created by the Industry, for the Industry: is a platform designed to serve the needs of tipped employees in Las Vegas. Our service is 100% free for them, making it an integral part of their daily operations.
Targeted Exposure:
Our online tip jars are highly personalized, providing each tipped employee with their own unique tip jar page (e.g., This personalization ensures your brand reaches a targeted audience that is deeply embedded in the service industry.
Immediate and Fee-Free Transactions: allows service professionals to receive their tips instantly and without any fees, enhancing their trust and engagement with our platform.


Strategic and Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunities

Localized Ad Placements:
We offer strategically placed sponsor slots based on zip codes. Each zip code hosts a maximum of three local brands, ensuring prime online real estate and exclusive branding.

Cost-Effective Advertising:
Each zip code placement costs $1500 per month. Secure all three slots in a zip code for $4500 per month, maximizing your brand's exposure and dominance in that area.

Guaranteed Results

Highly Targeted Audience:
Our community consists of service industry professionals and their regular customers. This focused audience ensures that the right local brand sponsors see significant results in terms of exposure and customer interaction.

120-Day Money-Back Guarantee:
We are so confident in the effectiveness of our platform that we offer a 120-day money-back guarantee. If you do not see measurable growth and results from our partnership, we will refund 100% of your money.

Partner with Us
By the Industry, for the Industry: If your brand aligns with the values and needs of the service industry, could be the perfect co-branding partner for you. We focus on creating genuine value for our community and our sponsors.


Join a Growing Community:
Our free online tip jar service is rapidly expanding within the Las Vegas service industry. Partner with us now to grow alongside a vibrant, engaged community of tipped employees.

Contact Us Today:
Ready to get started? Contact us to discuss how can help your brand reach new heights within the Las Vegas service industry.


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