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Get your FREE Personalized Digital Online Tip Jar!

Create your own dedicated"your-name" webpage where your customers, regulars, and industry friends can easily tip you directly. With just a click, you'll receive 100% of the money deposited straight into your bank account. It's that simple! Your personalized TipAdvance Tip Jar will evolve with your custom specials, incentives, and even include your schedule or special VIP events.

Welcome to TipAdvance's Tipped Society

Are you a Gaming Bartender or an Adult Entertainer in Las Vegas? offers the perfect solution for you with our Online Tip Jar, specifically tailored for industry professionals like you.

Personalized Online Tip Jar

With, each member gets their own dedicated URL. Imagine Steven, one of our bartender members, having his personalized tip jar at This unique feature allows your patrons to tip you directly and conveniently online.

Exclusive Membership: Tipped Society

Join the "Tipped Society," a growing community of industry professionals. This exclusive, invite-only membership is designed by the industry, for the industry. As a member, you’ll be part of a trusted network that values and supports each other.

Direct and Instant Payments

No more waiting for credit card tips to be paid out with your next paycheck. With our Online Tip Jar, you receive tips directly to your bank account on the same day. If a patron tips you $100, you get paid $100—immediately.

Absolutely Free Service

What's the catch? There is none. is a free service and will always be free. We believe in empowering industry professionals without any hidden fees or charges.

Why Choose

  • Personalized URL for easy tipping.

  • Exclusive, invite-only membership in the Tipped Society.

  • Instant, direct payment to your bank account.

  • Completely free to use.


Join today and start receiving your tips instantly. Empower your earnings and never wait for your hard-earned money again!

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